zaterdag 16 augustus 2008

Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue Perfume

Andy Warhol would have been 80 years old this month if he was still alive. To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Andy Warhol's birthday, Bond No.9 is releasing their next Warhol inspired perfume, making it their third release to date.

From Bond No.9.. "Its name, Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue, recalls the artist’s formative pre-Pop years in 1950s New York, when he lived in the first of several apartments on Lexington Avenue and plied his trade as a prolific illustrator—mainly of imaginative shoes. Hence the Warhol-designed mélange of exclamation-point heels and high-button boots that covers the flacon. Lush and unapologetically seductive, Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue dares (perhaps for the first time in perfumery) to link two of the most ultra-feminine commodities a woman can own: fragrance and footwear."

Leuk, jammer genoeg kunnen we het niet door de site heen ruiken, maar toch snel ergens een snufje proberen op te pikken.


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