zaterdag 15 november 2008

Museum of the sequin sweater

Ik zag ooit een artikel volgens mij in de Vice over het Sequin sweater museum van Leslie Hall. Ik vond het hilarisch. Onlangs moest ik er aan denken toen ik weer wat van die prachtige sweaters tegenkwam:) Vooral in de jaren 80 konden ze er wat van met die glimmende kraaltjes. Tekst van de website:

The components for the formula, which make up the Gem Sweater date back to the early 1920's. The flapper girls looking to maximize the reflectiveivity of its day started creating gowns made of only sequins and string. However perspiration and the plus size gal we're not taking into consideration. During the 1950's cardigans become popular for the everyday women yet boring and dull styles forced them out of the nightlife. For the 1960's a fashion designer named Nudie began garnishing studs and rhinestones to western wear. Known as the Rhinestone Cowboy look, women did take notice yet still did know how to harness such power. However the 1970's brought Elvis Presley rhinestone incrusted jumpsuits. It was this style which finally the modern and classy women rose up to say "I shall take the comfort and quality of the sweater and dribble and lace it with the shine and magic quality's that sequins, rhinestones, and beads have to offer." My children I present you with the Gem Sweater.

Ik heb me zeker een half uur vermaakt dus veel plezier in het museum of the sequin sweater

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